Modern Challenges to Canadian First Nations – project

You and your group will choose to research one of three health and social problems facing First Nations people in Canada today – Mental Health/Suicide, Diabetes, Water Quality as represented by the Grassy Narrows mercury pollution disaster.

Here are the steps you need to follow to complete this project.

1   Create a google doc that you all share to copy and paste the url of any source you access on the web.  This could be a journal or magazine article, government website, youtube video etc.  If Mr. Wilson wants to confirm the accuracy of  any statements you make in your project you must be able to find where you got your information.

2  You will research your issue starting with the sources suggested by the teacher.  Make notes of important information or ideas you find.

3  Start making slides for your google slides; map out what your poster will look like and start creating its elements; make a story-board for you video.  You will present to the teacher on your own and not in front of the class in a seminar setting.  You can present in power-point format, with a poster, with a video or other means with teacher permission.  Assessment criteria for these formats will be coming tomorrow.  A Heads Up! – power-point/google slides should not be text heavy.  Use one image per big idea with only a few bullet points.  Your script will have the details.

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