Conflict Resolution and Spirituality

After reading the sections in the text on conflict resolution and spirituality and watching Frank Brown’s story in the video ‘Voyage of Rediscovery’ you are to write a persuasive essay on this question:

Is there a connection between traditional First Nations spirituality and conflict resolution?

The essay should be between about 5 paragraphs long.

Your first paragraph should include a hook, a brief description of traditional First Nations conflict resolution, and a thesis statement.

Your second paragraph should be a brief description of what happened to Frank Brown as a child and young man.

Your body paragraphs should use evidence from the video of the connection.

Your final paragraph should summarize your ideas and expand them.  For example, is this model of conflict resolution and spirituality something we can implement in the wider society? Or, have you seen examples of the connection between spirituality and conflict resolution in other situations – not connected to First Nations people perhaps.

You can do this with pen and paper or submit it online. If you choose the online option submit to Wilson’s gmail:

Evalutation:  20 marks

  • well organized
  • good grammar and spelling
  • good use of evidence from the text and video
  • good analysis or explanation that answers the essay question.

Spirituality, Conflict Resolution and Stewardship

Spirituality, Conflict Resolution, Stewardship Seminar


You are to read, summarize and present the ideas presented in the sections: Spirituality (p10), Conflict Resolution (p 13&14) and Stewardship of the land(p. 14 &15) .


Here is how you do this:


1          Read the paragraph and take notes on its main idea, supporting details and any new vocabulary.  When you are confused by something or need clarification ask the teacher for help.


2          Practice explaining each section to one or two partners in your own words referring to your notes as you do so.  Ask questions that lead to a deeper understanding in your notes.


3          Have your seminar with the teacher.  Your teacher will ask one student to present one of the sections.  Be ready to present all sections as it is the teacher who chooses, not the student.  You are encouraged to help each other out in the presentation by adding details or helping each other when someone gets stuck.





Presentation Discussion using your own notes:    10


– Main ideas with supporting details are clearly explained.

– Good eye contact maintained, positive body language.

– voice is used with appropriate energy – not read.

– helps partners when asked or when partners falter

– able to provide original analysis without prompting.

Looks like:  “I think this was done because …”

– asks probing questions that lead to deeper understanding





Total – 10 marks.