Course Outline

Japanese   9             Instructor:  B. Wilson    


Course Content


Japanese 9 is the introductory Japanese class at Kwalikum Secondary and develops the students reading, writing and spoken abilities in the language.

By the end of this course some of the things students will be able to do will include the ability to:

–  understand and use common greetings.

–  understand and use simple introductions.

–  understand and use family member terms.

–  talk about time using the Japanese terms for hour, day, week, etc.

–  talk about your home and school routine.

–  talk about methods of transportation.

–  read and write ROOMAJI (the Japanese use of the Roman alphabet)

–  read and write HIRAGANA (one of the four Japanese writing systems)


Understanding and appreciating Japanese culture is another important aspect of the course.  Students will learn about aspects of traditional culture as well as Japanese daily life and the important cultural values of the Japanese and how they affect language and relationships.


The text Ikiteiru Nihongo Volume 1 (First half of the text) is being used for this course.  The school has purchased the rights to publish this book. The text doubles as a workbook and students write directly in the text.


Being on time is a sign of respect for your classmates and teacher.  Being late is a an expression of disrespect.  Do your best to be on time to class.  Chronic tardiness will be dealt with by detentions and parent contact.


80% of the students  mark is for assignments, tests and quizzes done in class.  20% of the mark is assigned to the final exam.